The Essential Guide to Road Tripping Australia eBook


It’s here! A complete guide on how to road trip around Australia. Whether it’s for a few weeks or 12 months, this ultimate guide is here to help.

We simply didn’t have this information when we left on our travels in 2015, so I have consolidated everything we’ve known and learnt all into one eBook.

From packing up your home, saving, purchasing your set-up to living on the road, tips and tricks, what we have learnt along the way, making money, finding work, meals, health, exercise and how to travel with kids + MORE!

90 pages of the good stuff.

This really is your go to guide to travel Australia. All our knowledge nuggets in one handy place.

We know you’ll love this eBook and find it super helpful.

Thanks for your support, now let’s get into it!

Cheers, Justin and Bec.







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