This video Blog is for all the Mum’s out there!

Are you intending on travelling Australia or currently doing the Lap? This video blog is for you. Before we left on our adventure in Dec 2015, the kids were my biggest fear! What if they don’t adjust? What if they’re eaten by a crocodile? How many clothes do I pack? Baby carrier or pram? What if they get sick? Toilet Training, Schooling and Budgeting?

We hit the road with our three kids aged 3.5yo, 2yo and 6 months old. So I’ve had a few years of experience with travelling with kids!

Below I cover it all. I really hope it helps you too and puts your mind at ease!

Bec x


This blog is about the preparations and consideration for your Australian travels.

Here I chat about why we decided to hit the road and how we came about purchasing our caravan. Also in this blog is why we decided to sell up and I touch on schooling the kids.



Car Travel with kids. We all do at some point but here I talk about how we keep the kids entertained in the car while we’re punching out some big kilometres. 

It involves, food, apps and much more.

Money money! Here I chat about how we manage to budget for our trip as well as what exactly we budget for.

It’s important to have a budget when you’re travelling and no your expenditure.

Packing up your life is a daunting decision, but here I give you some tips on making the life pack up easier and a smooth transition.

With so many caravans on the market its hard to choose a van that is suitable for your family. Here I chat about the essentials for our family of five and why we went with a Jurgens Narooma,

When travelling full time, we like to keep our activities free or low cost. Here is some tips on what sort of activities we get up to while on the road.

Water safety with little kids is beyond essential. Here I chat about how we go about keeping our kids safe, near and around water.

It’s raining and you’re stuck in the caravan. Here I chat about activities to do with your kids on a rainy day! Although we follow the sun we don’t encounter to many of these. But, when you do cabin fever sets in, therefore getting out and keeping the kids entertained.

We’ve been full time travelling for the last couple of year so I have definitely learnt some lessons on the road!

I touch on lesson learnt with travelling with kids, groceries, relationships and everything in between.

Travelling with a BABY! It can be a hard task as they need loads of attention and constant feeding. Although managing travel with your baby can be really rewarding an you’ll watch their little personalities explode!

Here are some of my tips on travelling with a baby!

Hubby managed to have an appendicitis. I chat about what happened and how we managed to work around Justin being in hospital for three nights.

Spoiler: I was like, “you’ll be right mate”! 

It was a change not having him around for those three nights thats for sure! Kids missed him like craaaazy!

Christmas!!! We’ve had three christmas’ on the road so here I chat about how we do this wonderful time of the year while in our caravan.

We love both caravan parks and free camps and have had fantastic memories in both. Here I chat about why we love both and the benefits of staying in parks or camp grounds.

Yes, we have a washing machine on board our caravan. I talk to you about why it is essential to have one on your travels and why!

When you’re on the road for an extended period of time, I really do think it’s an essential to have bunk beds. Here I talk abut why 🙂

This blog is about cheap meals and snack for your kids while travelling. When on a budget it’s essential to keep costs down!

No on likes having sick kids, let alone when you’re travelling. In this blog I talk about how we deal with have sick ones in a confined space.

Our kids aren’t often sick which is one of the perks when on the road.

Our daily routine and cleaning the van is very simple and easy! 

I chat about how the kids get involved and how we keep the van clean.

When you hit the road to travel Australia, you’re leaving all your family and friends. Here I chat about how we deal with missing family and what we do to keep in touch with them all.

When you’re living with your family 24/7 it can be a real challenge. In this blog I chat about how we manage to maintain relationships with each other and the kids. 

Yes, theres definately some challenges when travelling Australia. In this blog I talk about what they involve and howe we get around them!