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We love travelling the country and we also love writing articles and telling stories about our travels. Its awesome that we can inspire others to get out there and do it by sharing our experiences. 

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‘We follow the sun’: Family-of-five living in a caravan are still on the road TWO YEARS after quitting their lives to travel full-time – and have made enough cash to settle down when they find the perfect place

What would you do with three kids and a kangaroo on board? BEC and Justin were camping with their kids when a furry friend tried to join the fun. When they shooed him away, he came back with his mates.


A Kangaroo Hopped Into A Family’s Caravan Then Came Back With His Mates. The locals are friendly in ‘Straya.


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Want to travel with the family? 8 tips from Trip In A Van.


Aussie Adventures with the Lorrimers! We shared our story, tips and advice for those wanting to hit the road with a family with Caravanning Australia in 2017.


Living on the road with kids. Imagine selling the family home and packing up for a life on the road. That’s exactly what one family from New South Wales did.


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An article about life on the road in Oz. Ever imagined throwing it all in, bundling up the family and taking to the wide-open highway? In December last year, Bec and Justin Larimer did exactly that with three kids (aged four, two and one) in tow.

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Trip in a Van family stop in at new fave spot Hervey Bay. The travelling family who has gained a huge following on Facebook and social media including appearances on Sunrise visited Hervey Bay on the weekend and ‘loved the joint.’

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Our Trip In A Van family featured in a Today Show interview.



An interview from Justin’s perspective on our longest trip, favourite destinations and more.

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The Big Trip – Cape York in two weeks. An article by Justin about his solo Cape York mission.


We were the featured family on Travelling Australia with Kids in March 2016.



We had a hilarious chat with the crew from Perth’s Nova 93.7 about our travels. Check it our below!

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Would you be game to travel Australia by caravan with three young kids? We chat with Ben Fordham from Sydney’s 2GB Radio about just that.