Our Family

Our Family

We are Justin and Bec Lorrimer and we have three children, 8 year old Jack, 6 year old Billy and 5 year old daughter Charli. We packed up our home and sold up in Newcastle, NSW in December 2015 to live the dream and we haven’t looked back!

Cable Beach, April 2016

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Lorella Springs, Aug 2018

Lorella Springs, Aug 2018

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Justin, 37 worked as a Heavy Duty Mechanic for 15 years (mostly in mining), and Bec, 35 in nursing and pathology.

Justin grew up in a little place between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast called Burpengary and Bec, in Warrnambool, Victoria. At the age of 18, they both joined the Royal Australia Air Force, Bec as a Medic and Justin as a Mechanic. They spent 6-7 years in the Defence Force and done loads of travel with overseas deployments as well as Military Exercises all over Oz. They met in Newcastle as they were both posted to the RAAF base there and 2 years later decided to discharge and move to Canada. The most picturesque country, they had an awesome experience over there and cant wait to take the kids back for a White Christmas.

THE KIDS! Jack is a sweet lad, kind, loving, polite and a deadset legend! He’s an old soul with wise words that one, and cool as a cucumber. Then comes the middle child – need I say more haha. Billy is our wild child with way too much energy, very loud and oh so funny. He’s a real character and has a zest for life! If you ever meet Bill, he’ll be hanging upside down or jumping out of a tree. Next is our sweet but sassy girl Charli, full of personality, witty and tough as nails (she has to keep up with her big brothers). She’s ‘spirited’, hilarious, fearless, a hiking machine and uber affectionate! All three of them make it a lively and loud caravan adventure.

Paronella Park, North QLD

Paronella Park, North QLD


Travelling Australia is something we have always wanted to do.

We realised the importance of getting outdoors and spending quality time as a family and thought we’d do it all while exploring Australia. We wanted a change from the daily grind and give our children the opportunities and experiences that will last with them for a lifetime!

Moments like these!

Moments like these!

“Travel while you’re young and able – don’t leave it until you’re old and fable” — Some Legend

It’s a fantastic lifestyle and the caravanning adventures and experiences we have gained are far more valuable than money ever will be! Exploring our beautiful country has seen a huge change in our children. They thrive on the changing environments and we have watched their little personalities become strong, resilient and outgoing. Learning through nature and the life skills gained while on the road is a fantastic quality within our kids.

After purchasing our first caravan and already having a Mazda BT-50, we hit the road heading north. With three kids on board aged 3.5 years, 2 years and a 6 month old baby (crazy right?!) it was a huge adjustment, but so worth it!

We are passionate about family travel and being on the road gives us such enjoyment as well as many challenges. We bring you plenty of information on all things travel and caravanning. How to go about starting your own Aussie adventure and what to expect!

This website is designed to help you go from making that big decision, to actually hitting the road. Travelling as a family is so important to us as we’ve seen the benefits of travel within ourselves and our beautiful kids. The nomad lifestyle gets in your blood, life is too short, travel while you’re young and able! 

If you have any questions at all, just contact us on the form below and we will be happy to answer. We hope you enjoy our website and blog as we travel Australia.

Join TIAV as we show you our biggest challenges, how we funded out trip, budgets, lessons learnt, epic locations and our AMAZING LIFESTYLE!! See you on the road!

Cheers, Justin and Bec.