Double Island Point & Teewah Beach, QLD

Double Island Point and Teewah Beach, well, we honestly can’t believe we hadn’t been here before. Located a stones throw from Noosa, this slice of paradise is conveniently handy to get too and very affordable.

To get over to Noosa North Shore, you’ll need to catch a ferry. It leaves from Tewantin and only takes as little as 5 minutes. Which means it departs every 10 minutes! It is CASH ONLY!

Cost: Car – $7
Car and Caravan – $20 (depending on length).

Ferry is open from 5:30am – 10:20pm and after midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Once you arrive at the Cooloola Recreation Area, you’ll have plenty of options for accomodation. If you’re like us and love a beach camp, Teewah Beach Camping is your go to. At only $26 per family for prime real estate, well you’ll be thanking me later! There are loads of campsites to choose from, shaded ones, grassy ones, top of dune and behind dune ones. To book campsites, you’ll need to do this online at

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Once you get over to Teewah Beach there is no phone reception so you’ll need to do this beforehand. If you are keen to park up with facilities available, as well as use power, there is a caravan park located not far from the ferry called Noosa North Shore Resort.

Getting around the Beach

We found the sand driving to be excellent and the accesses were easy enough to navigate. We didn’t get bogged, so that’s a good sign! While touring around, we kept our tyres at 20 PSI all round on both the car and caravan.

We did several trips to Double Island Point which is insanely beautiful. There is a lagoon for the little ones, some really clean surf and the most beautiful water, clear and blue which compliments the amazing scenery. Once you leave your beach camp it is about 20 minutes up the beach (depending on where you are staying on the beach) to take the inland track or Lecia Track over to Double Island Point. This island track is only 900m and an easy drive.

Beach Permit

You will need a beach permit.

1 day – $13.20

1 week – $33.50

1 month or less – $52.75

Yearly – $265.30

You have to book this online here.

Rainbow Beach

We recommend heading into Rainbow Beach. It’s a laid back village vibe, with a supermarket, cafes, a sweet looking bar called ‘The Deck’ and again, gorgeous beaches. We stopped in at the bakery (we think the one at the Servo is best), grabbed some groceries and let the kids play around on the playground. To get from Teewah Beach over to Rainbow Beach, you have to take Freshwater Creek Rd (which is signposted). The drive is 13km dirt/sand track which brings you out onto bitumen and the last 4km into Rainbow Beach. It is a winding, undulating track, therefore take your time and be aware of oncoming traffic. For the most part it is a one lane track.

Billy & Charli toasting marshmallows.


Avoid weekends if you can. We had heard that it does get busy and a lot of people day trip up from Brisbane etc. There were a few hooligans getting around so be safe when driving. FYI we hit Teewah on a weekend and had the best time!

Dont forget to book a vehicle permit. The rangers do get around and check rego’s, so don’t try and avoid this fee.

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If you require a dump point, there are 2 available at the Freshwater Day Use Area, alongside toilets and showers and there is also a campground here too!

Be sure to check tides when getting around and coming onto Cooloola Recreation Area. If you have a caravan on, it is best to catch the ferry on dead low tide for a safe entry and exit off the ferry.




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