CAMPING MEALS by Campers Pantry.

We absolutely love leaving our caravan, throwing the swags on the roof and heading off on a camping trip. However, as a family of five, there’s a fair amount of food you need to pack up and take with you.

How easy would it be to take a freeze dried meal with REAL ingredients to feed the tribe. Cooked in minutes with no fuss!

Scroll down for more on the Campers Pantry meals and how we rate them.


We came across Campers Pantry over a year ago and thought what a fantastic addition to one of our camping trips it would be! After a long day exploring or 4wding you can just pull up and boil some water to make dinner, how good is that!! I’ll give you a quick run-down… They’re 100% freeze dried camp meals, tasty, nutritious, super quick and light as a feather (cause we’re all about weight over here)!

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These guys are from Tassie and they use mainly fresh Tasmanian produce which is heaps cool, but do you want to know the best part… you just ADD WATER!! and bam, you’re eating brekky, lunch or dinner.

Knowing we were headed over to Fraser Island for a few weeks we hit the Campers Pantry website to have a crack at there meals and give an honest review. So far we are very impressed with the packaging (they come in foil zip locked bags for freshness and longevity) and how lightweight they are, a meal is only 100 grams dry weight. If you don’t know much about “freeze dried” read on, or else skip ahead.

Freeze drying is the most effective drying method available for preservation and is used widely in the food, pharmaceutical and health industries.  The process itself has been around since the 1940’s and during WWII it was used for transport of blood plasma.  Freeze drying takes the product, in this case pre-cooked meals and ingredients, to -40° C and the water crystals are sublimated (turned to a gas) and passed out without any damage to the structure.  What remains is a product that resembles a sponge under the microscope.  Add boiling or cold water and the product is rehydrated in minutes!

Here’s a few questions you might be thinking right now….. I know because I was thinking the same thing when we came across this style of packaged meal. It was only after reading so many other good reviews about Campers Pantry did we decide to give them a run.

What meal choices do you have??

Do they actually fill you up??

Are they easy to make??

Are they nice to eat or do they taste like a space food stick??

So now to answer all your questions!!

  • There is a great range of meals to choose from with all sorts of flavours that should suit just about anyone. There is also snacks, breakfasts, and lunch meals as well. We only took dinners and deserts away with us to try, but next time i think we’ll make every meal a freeze dried one!

  • They are super filling and satisfying. We found ourselves quite content with how full we were after a meal. Lots of protein in the meals kept us going until morning.

  • They are soooo easy to make!! Just boil the kettle and poor the required amount of water into the bag, stir, zip up and wait 20 minutes for it to cook. DONE!!

  • We were a bit sceptical at first but we found ourselves continually looking at each other and saying,” Gees, these go alright hey!!” They have heaps of flavour and texture and we really enjoyed them. Our Favourite being the Mango Chicken Curry, YUM!!

We took a range of these meals away with us on our camping trip to Fraser Island and we are very impressed with the quality, the size & the taste of them. So easy to make, just add boiling water, stir and wait 20 minutes.

We hope this gives you some good info on freeze dried meals and shows you that they are a great option to take away on your camping holiday to make it just that bit more relaxing and enjoyable and YUMMY!!

Cheers Guys, if you have any questions or comments just drop them in at the bottom of the page.

For more information head to the Campers Pantry website or hit us up through our ‘Contact Us Page’




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