Of course it can be a challenge being with each other all day everyday… BUT it’s also really rewarding. Justin and I have had our fair share of barnies on the road (we’re human) but we worked out pretty quickly how to diffuse them! We try to enforce ‘Bec/Justin time’ often. Even if it’s just for an hour or so. It is SO important and it can totally change your attitude and mood and give you that break you really need.

At times it can be full on having 5 in a caravan and we all need our down time and space at some point. When it gets to that point where we are bickering or simply over it, one of us will leave for some time to ourselves. Justin will go fishing or I will go shopping or for a walk. We come back a different person and never hold a grudge, we soon realised how important this is for our overall mood and patience.

I really love having Justin around as he’s a great cook and very hands on with our kids! Although, it was a huge adjustment for him! I have been a stay at home mum since our eldest was born, so for Justin it was a big change going from working massive weeks to dealing with our kids 24/7 as well as his wife.


Our first month together on the road was TOUGH – we nearly turned back, a huge adjustment for us all and you soon work out how you deal with your own situation. In those initial days we stayed positive and optimistic the whole time and we soon got through the tough adjustment period.

Out full time travels have truly made our marriage stronger and we know each other better than ever. As for our kids, it has been greatly beneficial having us, their parents, around all the time. Being present is one of the best gifts you can give your children and we have seen it pay off. Having both parents around to discipline, give encouragement, teach and love is hugely beneficial to them at such a young age.

We love watching there happy little faces do life, finding the joys in the small things which was really important to Justin and I. Although not every day is sunshine and rainbows with three kids, they still have their moments and melt downs. A Teething baby, the odd toddler tantrum and a 7 year olds attitude (we’ve been through it all) can be a testing day at times. But we figure, we’d be encountering this at home anyway! If it’s too much for Justin or I, one will opt out for a breather. You come back being a better parent and able to deal with situations a little better and with a more positive attitude. We really have been able to work as a team and I think that is why our trip has been so enjoyable and successful.

It’s very busy with 3 kids, but we generally have them in bed at 7pm. It works really well and Justin and I are able to have some time together, have uninterrupted conversation, enjoy dinner/a drink and watch a movie. We really do treasure those hours from 7pm and why its important our kids hit the hay at that time. Its a damn busy day for exploring the country so they’re always happy to head to bed!

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When our little rascals decide to throw a wobbly or push each other’s buttons we quickly move them into the van. We do this to not disturb other travellers. At least then, we can soundproof them and they can have it out in the van and calm down. But like all parents, we have our own techniques on how we deal with these behaviours. As long as it’s consistent and what you’d do at home, your travels will be trouble free. We kept our disciplining the same as we would have done at home, which makes the adjustment into van life much easier.

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Being able to communicate about how you’re coping and adjusting to life on the road is an important factor. If either of us needs to take a break from the chaos, then we do so with no judgement. We all deal with situations differently & we are definitely no experts on marriage/relationships, but feel that we now have a good grasp on travelling as a family full time. Being able to judge if one or the other need some time out becomes second nature. You soon find your groove!! Exercising is a big part of our lives and if you don’t already, get on board as it greatly helps your sanity and gives you that break from the family!! Feeling fit, healthy and good about yourself is a great base to a happy family on the road. 


Cheers guys, we really hope this helps!! 

Bec & Justin.

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